“The Crossbow Magazine testing program is an in-depth evaluation of products marketed towards the crossbow enthusiast. If products are beneficial to crossbow hunters and perform as advertised they become “Crossbow Magazine Approved.” The products will then be featured in our magazine and listed on our website. Remove any doubt when purchasing your next crossbow product. Look for the Crossbow Magazine Approved Logo.”



TOM BUTLER - "I use them exclusively instead of heavy string stops."

BRAD WHITING - "Whiskers are still the best silencer/vibration dampener dollar for dollar. Pine Ridge hits a home run."

BRAD WHITING - "Great clarity edge to edge. Sharp, crystal-clear image. This is just what you would expect from the name Redfield."

GENE SCHANG - "A superb scope at this price point. The range finding option is spot on as far as I cared to shoot."

TOM BUTLER - "I believe this is the most user friendly and simplest to use illuminated nock on the market."

BRAD WHITING - "Best design I have seen yet and brighter than bright."

GENE SCHANG - "This camera mount solves the problem of managing floor space in ground blinds while videoing hunts."

BRAD WHITING - "A well designed piece of equipment that should last for years."

GENE SCHANG - "For those that have to shoot out to unload, this durable unloading arrow is just the ticket."

TOM BUTLER - "A unique product that works. It eliminates the need to lug a target around to unload after hunts."


GENE SCHANG - "A viable alternative to traditional rubber string stops. On top of that, it has that ‘cool’ factor."

TODD BROMLEY - "A different type of string dampener. Another option available to crossbow shooters who are looking for ways to cut down on string vibration."


TOM BUTLER - "I like the Fieldpod's compactness and ease of adjustment.  Its light weight makes it a perfect crossbow rest to take to and from hunting blinds."

BRADLEY WHITING - "Extremely well thought out and versatile.  I'll never be without one."

GENE SCHANG - "A super small, extremely portable bag target that will stop the fastest bows and not fall over."

TOM BUTLER- "This is one cool little arrow stop/target to keep in your vehicle for uncocking crossbows after the hunt or to sight in your crossbow before the hunt."




X-FUEL 325

GENE SCHANG - "Extremely slick.  It will not gum up the trigger assembly and also makes a great arrow release lubricant for carbon arrows."

MICHAEL WISSEMAN- "I like this product because it doesn't collect grit like the other products on the market—a little goes a long way.  Every once in a while a product comes along and all you can say is "perfect"!  30-06 Outdoors did that with this one!"


J. ELLEN SPIELES  - "I've been using CarboMask for over two years and it's the one thing I never hunt without!  Light, non-greasy, great for my sensitive skin, super easy to remove.  The perfect disguise no matter the season, no matter the prey!"

GENE SCHANG  - "A super dull, low-shine and non-greasy formula for those that prefer face paint over head nets.  Also works well on your hands when hunting from within a ground blind in warm weather."