“The Crossbow Magazine testing program is an in-depth evaluation of products marketed towards the crossbow enthusiast. If products are beneficial to crossbow hunters and perform as advertised they become “Crossbow Magazine Approved.” The products will then be featured in our magazine and listed on our website. Remove any doubt when purchasing your next crossbow product. Look for the Crossbow Magazine Approved Logo.”


GENE SCHANG -  “The ultimate sighting system for fast target acquisition in tight hunting environments.”

MIKE WISSEMAN - “The Eotech XBow is an amazing piece of technology that I

could not find a single fault with.”


TOM BUTLER - “HushPuk limb dampeners are unique in their ability to adhere over and over after being moved.”

GENE SCHANG - “Move it as often as you like to find the ‘sweet spot’ on your particular bow. That is the big advantage HushPuk brings to the world of crossbows.”



TOM BUTLER - “Great adhesion characteristics with tough, thick bases that have proven to be very durable.”

MIKE WISSEMAN - “These vanes stick like crazy and their stiffness is ideal for crossbows.”


MIKE WISSEMAN  "A high quality replacement string if you don’t want to spend a fortune of custom strings."

GENE SCHANG  "Blackheart strings and cables are beautifully crafted from high quality components.  Finely finished and essentially custom."


MIKE WISSEMAN  "Great design and simple.  Works like a charm!"

TODD BROMLEY  "This product keeps your crossbow firmly on your shoulder.  So simple it works!"


GENE SCHANG  "Innovative design that offers the hunter extreme flexibility in their broadhead options."

TODD BROMLEY  "One of the best designs of the year.  Top flight quality and performance with both models.


"This nicely packaged string and cable care kit from BLACKHEART Archery easily achieved a perfect 5 stars from our staff. The rail lubricant is scent free, and the light viscosity assures a slick surface with little chance of excessive buildup into the trigger latch area. A 1 oz. tube of high quality UV impervious string and cable wax rounds out this crossbow care kit from BLACKHEART Archery."


"HARTCRAFT brings us a modular broadhead design in the Scooptail Broadhead. One ferrule accepts five different blade options. The Scooptail Broadhead received high marks from our testers for its modular design, reversible blades, and accuracy. Two of our testers experienced significant concentricity issues which they attributed to the design of the front blade pocket. This factor brought our score down to an overall four out of five stars."


"Muddy Outdoors is known for its extensive product line of hunting accessories. The Pro Hunter Bolts earned a solid four stars. Every tester experienced good accuracy out of many different bows, up to 390 fps. The upgraded brass insert increases the front of center balance, which we all appreciated. One tester’s supplied arrows had two vanes that were only partially glued. Overall, the Bloodsport Pro Hunter Bolt is a solid crossbow arrow."


"The staff at Crossbow Magazine was especially impressed by the toughness of the Montec broadhead. We attribute this to the one piece design, constructed entirely of stainless steel.  Cut on contact tips usually produce exceptional penetration, and the Montec certainly penetrated well in various testing mediums.  We found all of the heads we received for testing, spun true.  Several of our testers noted that the sharpness of the blades, out of the packaging, was somewhat below where they like to see factory edges.  The Montec is easily sharpened with any flat hone. "


"The world of lighted nocks is becoming very congested.  We felt the Full Moon Nock from Hunting Revolution stood out for several reasons.  The nock is press fit, so installation is a snap and no adhesive is required.  Also, turning the nock on and off is accomplished by simply pushing and pulling on the tail end of the nock.  We felt the battery life and brightness was on par with other competitors’ offerings.  Several of the nock inserts were slightly loose in certain arrows.  This kept the Full Moon Nock from achieving a perfect score.  This issue has been corrected since our testing, according to Hunting Revolution, as the diameter of the inserts has been increased slightly."


"The Arrowmaster target from American Whitetail Inc. received a perfect score by our testing staff.  All of our testers felt that this target made an ideal target for discharging arrows because of its compact and lightweight design.  But, we also felt the Arrowmaster would serve well as a dedicated range target. There are not many targets that can serve this dual purpose as nicely as the Arrowmaster does.  Arrow removal was a breeze with both carbon and aluminum arrows, shot at up to 400 fps.  For those looking for a portable, yet tough target, give the Arrowmaster a serious look. "


"The Cube Hybrid HD from American Whitetail Inc. stopped all of our arrows with ease.  This target is rated for crossbows up to 450fps, and it certainly lived up to that claim with both field points and broadheads.  The Cube Hybrid HD is a dual purpose target that allows the shooter to change from a field point to a broadhead core in less than a minute.  There are four shooting surfaces with multiple aiming points rendered in high definition.  As with most foam type broadhead targets, arrow removal can be challenging with faster crossbows.  Only one core type is supplied with The Cube Hybrid HD so the user must consider that when comparing the price points of various targets.  For those looking for a long lasting, multifunctional, and sturdy target, look no further than The Cube Hybrid."


"While the idea of placing open type sights on a crossbow may seem foreign to many of us, they are required by law in some states.  There are crossbow shooters that just prefer to use them.  In those cases, the See All Open Sight is a great option.  The unit is very light weight and the sight is easily installed onto any Picatinny or Weaver scope base using the supplied allen headed wrenches.  The supplied instructions were more than adequate for all skill levels.  Group size does tend to open up when using open type sights compared to the standard magnified scopes, and the lens does block the view of the target below the aiming point.  Even though there are no holdover options for greater distances, most modern crossbows can keep an arrow in the vitals of a big game animal out to 30 yards using one aiming point.  We all felt the See All Open Sight would be a great option for bowfishing too.  It is great to have alternative sighting options available to the crossbow shooter. "

Zeiss Terra XB75

Zeiss entered the crossbow market in a big way in 2015 with their Terra XB75.  Crossbow enthusiasts in search of a premium optic do not have to look any further than the XB75.  This scope features a standard 1 inch tube, premium multicoated optics, and a speed dial to match the speed of your bow to the yardage marks contained within the reticle.  The reticle of the XB75 is truly well thought out and a pleasure to use.  It is simple, yet allows for precise aiming points, in 2 ½ yard increments, to 70 yards.  Everything about this scope screams quality.  The staff at Crossbow Magazine could not find a flaw with the XB75 and awarded it 5 stars.

Pine Ridge Low Profile Nitro Vanes

There is no doubt that the trend these days with vane design is that shorter is better.  The days of 5 inch vanes on crossbow arrows are about over.  Pine Ridge Archery took it a step further by reducing the height of their successful Nitro Vane to .42 inches and called it the Nitro Low Profile.  The Low Profile design reduces drag and increases speed.  Our testing staff all agreed that these vanes stick, thanks to the Micro Glue Pockets at their base.  Accuracy was superb at low to moderate speeds, but it did tend to suffer when we stepped up to fixed blade broadheads at faster speeds.  For that reason, we awarded the Pine Ridge Nitro Low Profile 4 stars in crossbows.

Tightspot Quiver

We were excited to be testing Tightspot Quiver’s new 3 arrow quiver with their crossbow mounting bracket.  This quiver brings several innovative features to the market including adjustable gripper tension and their Quick Draw arrow system which places one arrow in a readily accessible position for a faster reload time.  A total of five color options are available as well.  The Tightspot Quiver takes the ordinary quiver to the next level.  Although this quiver was developed for the vertical archery world, it is a wonderful quiver for crossbow enthusiasts who demand high quality equipment.  The TightSpot Quiver with the crossbow mounting bracket, easily achieved 5 stars from our staff.

Caldwell Deadshot ChairPod

Caldwell Shooting Supplies has been cranking out high quality shooting rests for years.  Their Deadshot series of rests have been a huge hit and very popular with crossbow enthusiasts for good reason.  The ChairPod combines everything a portable ground hunter desires in one collapsible package.  A heavy duty chair joins their fully adjustable rest by way of a post and swing arm.  Each pivot point’s tension can be adjusted by the user for that custom fit we all desire.  The Deadshot ChairPod is a solid unit, but the 22 pound weight does not make it as portable as we wished.  We also found that with front heavy crossbows, the ChairPod tended to tip forward if the shooter left the seat. For these reasons, we awarded the Deadshot ChairPod a solid 4 stars.

Pine Ridge Archery Wishbones

Accessories that are meant to silent or suppress crossbows have flooded the market in recent years.  It is hard to wade through all of it to find something that is simple and works.  You don’t have to look much further than Pine Ridge Archery’s Wishbone for effectiveness and simplicity.  The Wishbone string and cable dampener can be installed without the need for spitting the string or pressing the bow.  At only 14 grains, speed loss is negligible.  They are available in eight colors and are even available in clear so as to not hide your custom string.

American Whitetail Inc. Bowhunter Comp Cube

Crossbow Magazine has put several targets from American Whitetail Inc. through their paces over the past year.  We recently tested their Bowhunter Comp Cube, and it performed exceptionally well up to 400fps, with one hand removal of the arrows.  The Bowhunter is designed specifically for hunters with 4 separate shooting sides, each printed in high definition on the weather proof target covering.  At 20 inches on all sides, it is a substantial target that will not be moved around by the shots, but it is not overly heavy. Amercian Whitetail Inc. has all of the target bases covered with their quality products.