“The Crossbow Magazine testing program is an in-depth evaluation of products marketed towards the crossbow enthusiast. If products are beneficial to crossbow hunters and perform as advertised they become “Crossbow Magazine Approved.” The products will then be featured in our magazine and listed on our website. Remove any doubt when purchasing your next crossbow product. Look for the Crossbow Magazine Approved Logo.”



LaserLyte is well known for its laser devices for sportsman and gun owners.  Recently, they branched out into the

archery world with their LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter.  This device allows crossbow users to easily bore sight their

crossbows prior to their initial shooting session.  The instructions were easy to follow which resulted in every staff

member being able to quickly get on the target, with less shooting.  Since the Crossbow Sighter weighs only 1.5

ounces, it can also be carried into the field to check your crossbow for zero.  Three 393 batteries supply 1.5 hours

of constant use, which is more than enough to last an entire season or two.  The LaserLyte Crossbow Sighter easily

achieved 5 stars from our staff.



Nothing can ruin a hunt more than biting flies, mosquitoes, and ticks.  Not only are they an annoyance on your hunt, but they can transmit disease.  Since hunters are always conscious of scent, the use of chemical repellents can negatively impact your success.  Buzz Off Outdoor Wear produces extremely lightweight, fine mesh garments that keep biting insects at bay.  Even nymph size deer ticks cannot work themselves through and onto your skin.  These garments are designed to fit over your existing hunting clothing.  The olive drab color blends nicely with the clothing underneath which melts nicely into the surrounding foliage.  These garments performed beautifully on Canadian bear hunts and our staff highly recommends them.



Every year, new products are introduced that promise to completely eliminate human scent.  Most hunters understand that this is just about an impossible task.  The smart hunter will take as many precautions as possible to try to reduce his scent signatures while in the field.  This starts with a non-scented body wash that reduces the amount of bacteria on your skin and ends with the application of a field spray to your clothing and equipment prior to making your way into the field.  Bowhunter1 has you covered with their Elimascent Body Wash and Field Spray.  Each formulation is non-staining, odor free, and antibacterial to suppress odor causing bacteria.  Their products are available in both small sizes that pack easily to larger 28 ounce economy sizes.



There is a reason why mechanical broadheads have been slowly gaining market share since they were introduced.  As arrow speeds increase with today’s crossbows, getting good arrow flight out of fixed bladed broadheads can become a challenge.  Ethics Archery developed their spinning insert system to tighten up your broadhead groups and achieve superior penetration in the target.  Since the broadhead is not slaved to the arrow with the spinning insert system, it can freely spin or move towards the path of least resistance.  This unique quality reduces wind plane and allows the blades to rotate away from obstacles such as heavy bone.  At 90 grains apiece, these inserts place the front of center balance of crossbow arrows in the preferred zone.  Certain swept wing broadheads can be tricky to install, and we saw some inconsistent grouping between field points and broadheads. Penetration was exceptional, though.



The use of ground blinds has surged across this country among bowhunters.  While hunting within them has its advantages, hunters often struggle with properly organizing the space within hub style blinds.  Galena Outdoor Products has solved this issue with several innovative products to keep your equipment off of the ground and at the ready.  The Bow Holder and Utility Shelf take advantage of the hub locations by simply locking into the bracing in those areas without the need for any tools.  The Bow Holder is strong enough to support the heaviest crossbows, and the Utility Bracket places your game calls, rangefinders, and water bottles off of the ground and within easy reach.  They have several other accessories including camera mounts and gun holders as well.  Hunting within ground blinds is a much better experience with Galena Outdoor Products along for the trip.



Wac’Em Archery’s new 3 blade expandable broadhead burst onto the archery hunting scene with much fanfare recently.  Crossbow Magazine was able to put these new broadheads through their paces with many of our different bows.  It was great to see that four broadheads are included with each package for the same price that many other competitors offer for three.  These broadheads were very consistent in weight.  The greatest variance we saw was 1.25 grains.  We did not experience any signs of early deployment while being shot from our fastest bows.  Most of those bows shot the Wac’Ems to the same point of impact as field points.  The blades are robust, but we did experience a few that did bend in certain target mediums.  We were all very satisfied with the factory edges on the blades as well.  For our readers who are looking for a dependable expandable broadhead with a large cutting diameter, give Wac’Em Archery a serious look.



Bulldog targets promises ridiculously easy arrow removal and unsurpassed stopping power.  Crossbow Magazine had the opportunity to test their T12 field point target and we wholeheartedly agree.  This target measures 24x24x12 and every one of our testers commented on how light it was compared to other comparably sized field point targets.  Weight has always been a factor with field point targets.  Bulldog Targets seems to have this figured out with a relatively light weight target that is able to stop the fastest crossbows.  To top that off, Bulldog Targets offers a lifetime guarantee.   Crossbow Magazine awarded the Bulldog T12 a perfect 5 stars. They offer many different targets to suit your needs.



One of the most frequent questions we are asked is should I use a mechanical or a fixed bladed broadhead while hunting with my crossbow.  The FIXpandable has both covered with a ¾ inch nose blade that is followed up with 2 inch cut expandable blades.  Our staff found that these broadheads spun true and shot consistently out of many different crossbows.  The ¾ inch cut nose blade is that extra insurance that this mechanical broadhead will do its job in the worst of scenarios.  For the cost of what most broadhead manufacturers are selling three heads, FIXpandable is included four broadheads in each package.  Practice heads are also available for both their 100 and 125 grain versions.  The best of both worlds is all wrapped up in these FIXpandables from Bowhunter1.



We were excited to be testing Tightspot Quiver’s new 3 arrow quiver with their crossbow mounting bracket.  This quiver brings several innovative features to the market including adjustable gripper tension and their Quick Draw arrow system which places one arrow in a readily accessible position for a faster reload time.  A total of five color options are available as well.  The Tightspot Quiver takes the ordinary quiver to the next level.  Although this quiver was developed for the vertical archery world, it is a wonderful quiver for crossbow enthusiasts who demand high quality equipment.  The TightSpot Quiver with the crossbow mounting bracket, easily achieved 5 stars from our staff.



Most of us have a large sum of money invested into our hunting crossbow.  It makes sense to protect that investment as much as possible while afield.  Alpine Innovations developed their Crossbow Slicker to do just that.  While transporting your bow to your stand, the Crossbow Slicker will keep mud, sticks, and other debris from entering the sensitive areas around the cams and trigger latch.  It is completely waterproof to protect your crossbow from rain, snow, or sleet.  When packed into the included storage pouch, the Crossbow Slicker is a breeze to carry at 8 ounces.  We found the Crossbow Slicker to fit most crossbows since it is designed to accommodate limb widths from 15 to 30 inches.  Protect your crossbow from the elements with the Crossbow Slicker.

IWOM XT Brutal Gear Series

Some of the best hunting occurs in the worst conditions.  Perhaps no other condition drives hunters from the woods more than extreme cold.  As hunters, we do not like to sacrifice mobility for comfort.  IWOM Outerwear developed the XT series to keep hunters in the woods in the worst conditions with built in freedom of movement and mobility.  The XT series is completely waterproof and windproof with a copious amount of well thought out features. The IWOM can be transported around the waist, worn as a parka, or fully deployed in the stand for the ultimate protection from the elements.  Each garment is matched to your specific body height and weight for the best fit possible.  In the opinion of our staff, the IWOM XT is the best cold weather garment available to hunters today and awarded it a perfect 5 star rating.

WYNDSCENT Scent Grenades

The use of various scents is not a new concept to hunters.  What has changed recently is the way scents can be dispersed while afield.  WYNDSCENT took scent dispersal to a new level by developing their products to emit a true scent vapor for extended reach and no mess.  The scent vapor is also visible which allows the dispersal of the scent to double as a wind detector. Each WYNDSCENT Grenade accepts replaceable Wyndsticks in various cover scents, scent eliminators, or attractants.  A hunter can expect an average of 1000 puffs of visible scent vapor from each replaceable cartridge which provides more use than the one ounce typically seen in liquid scents.  WYNDSCENT is changing the game in scent dispersal.