My First Crossbow

As a new beginner with crossbows, I had to start from scratch. That meant getting a new crossbow. I received it in the mail, and I couldn't have been any more excited. Todd came out the next day, and we started going over it from the beginning. Finally, I was shooting my new bow.


I got the Tenpoint Stealth SS,and it was my new best friend. It has an ACUdraw on it, and that's the coolest thing I've ever seen. I just hook it onto the strings and turn the crank. It pulls my bow back fast, and it saves me tons of time. The ACUdraw is perfect for youths because it doesn't require using your brute strength to pull back the string. I learned my lesson one time because I didn't put the hooks from the ACUdraw on the right way, and when I turned the crank the hooks came back and whacked my fingers. My dad just sat behind me smiling because I had learned a valuable lesson. Trust me, I check those hooks every time now.


I had to sight my bow in and make sure it was perfect, and I found it to be very accurate. I usually start practicing in June. During the summer I don't have much to do and practicing a couple of times a day consumes a lot of time. My target began to wear out very fast after shooting it so much. I never shoot at the same bulls-eye when there is already an arrow in it. I don't want to risk one of my arrows going through the other. Even though that would be cool, I'm not going to try it.


Once I got pretty good with my crossbow, I started shooting out of a tree stand my dad had set up out back. I would set 2 to 3 targets out at different ranges to get the feel of shooting at various locations. You never know which way or how a deer is going to come in, but I want to be prepared for every possible opportunity.


Hopefully my practicing works out this archery season, and I come home with a buck in the back of the truck. I can only hope for the best!