Author: Darren Cheverie

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My mediums are photography, pen and paper and most importantly food. I’m blessed enough to have multiple creative outlets that allow me to express my creativity and passion for the outdoors. Be it Instagram @humblehunting, The Alberta Bowhunters Association, North American Outdoorsman, North American Bowhunter, North American Deer Hunter or via the award winning restaurant my wife and I started in 2016, Chartier. Learned to fish on the Atlantic as a boy, now learning to hunt on the prairies as a man.

When I first heard the term “Adult-Onset Hunter” (AOH), I couldn’t help but laugh. It sounded like a degenerative disease diagnosed by someone in a white jacket after a urine sample and bone density scan. Being an AOH means learning to hunt as an adult, rather than growing up with the tradition. It’s a unique journey filled with self-discovery, mistakes, new challenges and valuable lessons. Fact: Acquiring ANY new skill set as an adult is both challenging and uncomfortable. Not only are there biological reasons why learning later in life is harder (as we age, our brains undergo natural changes…

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