Author: Jeff Helsdon

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Jeff is a passionate outdoorsman who enjoys hunting with his family in Southwestern Ontario, and beyond. Jeff looks forward to turkey hunting each spring, and then switches to fishing with his family for perch, walleye and bass in the summer. In the fall, Jeff is busy chasing whitetails, waterfowl, fall turkeys and moose when he isn’t working or pheasant hunting with his English cocker spaniel.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Lighted Nocks when Hunting with a Crossbow Lighted nocks have been one of the most significant changes to archery—of both the traditional and crossbow styles—in the last 50 years. The company Lumenok claims, “We invented the lighted arrow nock,” so its story is a good place to start. When he was hunting in the fall of 1998, company founder Curtis Price took a shot at a buck and missed. He spent an hour crisscrossing the woods looking for his arrow, only to find it without any trace of blood.  “Well, that spot was spoiled…

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