Author: Brad Fenson

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Brad Fenson has a passion for hunting, fishing, camping, cooking, and conservation. Brad travels extensively to field test the latest and most advanced gear, including firearms, archery products, ammunition, optics, clothing, and camping and cooking gear. Brad’s accomplishments include over 70 national communication awards for writing and photography. Fenson started writing over three decades ago and has been in print in over 65 publications in North America. Fenson has been involved with several bestselling book projects, like Total Fishing Manual, Total Gun Manual, and Total Outdoorsman Manual.

The first time I caught sight of this buck, it appeared to have something wrong. Its body was oversized and bulky, and it looked like a weightlifter with rippling, overgrown muscles. Its antlers were tall and mature, sporting four points on each side. I dubbed him “The Big Eight.” That buck immediately went on the fall hit list. Big, old bucks seldom cooperate, making it seem like one strange year in the deer woods. Like most deer hunters, I had lots of excuses: Warm temperatures, drought conditions, poor feed, deer staying in heavy cover as challenges. I am fortunate to…

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