Author: Darron McDougal

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Darron McDougal, a full-time freelance outdoor writer, has resided in central Wisconsin for his entire life, except for a 2-year jaunt during which he and his wife, Becca, traveled and lived in a fifth-wheel camper. Becca often hunts with Darron and is an integral part of his publishing success, capturing professional-grade photography that often accompanies his articles. The McDougals do minimal deer hunting around their home. Instead, they love to hunt DIY-style, primarily on public lands, out west. Hunting unfamiliar territory has its thrills and challenges, and it truly tests a hunter's prowess. Despite the low success odds of this hunting style, Darron has done very well, and he accredits his success and accomplishments to God. So far, he's hunted whitetails in 11 states and harvested deer in nine. He enjoys hunting all sorts of wild game from turkeys to hogs to elk. He also occasionally mentors youth or beginner hunters. While bowhunting is his preferred method, he doesn't think twice when a rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader hunt fits his schedule. He's been shooting archery for nearly three decades and has 20 years of hunting experience.

Got the Itch to Hit the Road With Your Crossbow? Try Hunting in One of These States. “There’s no place like home,” Dorothy famously said in the 1939 film, “The Wizard of Oz.” Many hunters can relate to that statement because of the efforts and improvements to land that they’ve invested in their home hunting grounds. For some, there’s also a nostalgia for hunting in the same places where they did as a kid. In addition, hunting around home is usually convenient. Many hunters can sneak in hunts near where they live before or after work, or on the weekends,…

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