Author: Ryan Fair

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My name is Ryan Fair I live in northwest ohio. I am married with 2 daughters who are my life. I am most passionate about chasing whitetails. If I’m not doing something whitetail related you can usually find me turkey hunting or on a boat somewhere with a rod in my hand. My main focus on writing is hunting whitetail and turkey. I also enjoy writing about gear reviews and fishing articles. In 2013 I helped start whitetail junkys with my good friend Dusty Kroft. We promote all things outdoors. You can find me at, on Facebook at whitetail junkys, or on my writing page droptine hollow outdoors.

It wasn’t until last year that my young daughter started to show interest in hunting. I have a love for bowhunting in general, but at age six, my daughter isn’t able to draw back a compound bow. I wasn’t sure what method I wanted to use to teach her to harvest her first Whitetail. Talking with one of my hunting mentors helped me make the decision. His advice was this: “When I introduced my boys to hunting, I got them a crossbow. I wanted them to fall in love with the overall experience of hunting. I wanted them to feel…

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