Author: Gord Nuttall

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Gord Nuttall is an enthusiastic outdoorsmen and award-winning freelance writer that spends countless hours enjoying and promoting recreational activities outdoors. Led by his father, he wet many lines trolling for lake trout along the rugged shorelines of Lake Superior and developed a passion and love for the rugged outdoors early in his life. During the spring and summer months, he explores the diverse Alberta landscape with his wife, Heather and their two children, Noah and Makynna. As a family, they enjoy camping, SUPing, kayaking, fishing and lake life every summer. Spending nights sleeping under the stars in the backcountry fishing remote lakes or unpressured streams are his favorite getaways. Gord loves to bowhunt and has committed himself to harvesting multiple species in North America and documenting the adventures of my quest in a book.

It was an early September morning when I went bowhunting elk with my dad. After parking the truck at our hunting spot, we immediately heard several bugling bulls. Each of us had a compound bow in hand, and we slowly and quietly moved alongside the field to within a threatening distance of the herd bull. We anxiously waited for shooting light before bugling, but once it arrived, we had the herd bull’s attention. He wasted no time positioning himself between us and his harem. Keeping ourselves concealed just inside the bush line, we coaxed the bull to about 80 meters…

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