Author: Josh Honeycutt

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I’ve been an outdoor communicator since 2010. Since then, I’ve been blessed with a full-time career in the outdoors, and I’ve worked for most of the major hunting magazines and websites, including Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. As a deer and turkey hunter, these are the topics I cover most, but I also dabble in other areas, too, including conservation, predator hunting, small game hunting, and more.

What is this fastest crossbow? Check out these 430-plus-fps stick slingers available this year The crossbow market continues to march forward each year. The options available for 2023 don’t disappoint, either. Manufacturers continue to crank out better bows. Here, we’re highlighting some of the fastest crossbows available to consumers. With bows ranging from 430-505 fps, speed is front and center. Axe, Barnett, CenterPoint, Ravin, and TenPoint all have skin in the game here. Check out these incredible crossbows, all of which are among make our 2023 list for the fastest crossbow available. Barnett HyperTac Pro 430 Coming in at 430…

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