Author: Brian Kightlinger

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Award-winning author, Brian R. Kightlinger, is an avid outdoorsman, middle school social studies teacher, and official whitetail deer scorer from Northwest Pennsylvania. He has had a passion for everything outdoors since his youth. Brian enjoys shooting archery and competing in 3D archery competitions. He loves talking about whitetail deer, turkey, and exotics and meeting others with the same passion.

“Mom, you need to go out and sit in my treestand,” an enthusiastic Kody said. He was trying to convince his mother, Stacy, to hunt from his treestand. Kody had killed a buck during archery season but left his trail cameras out to see if new bucks were coming onto their property. Stacy told Kody that she wasn’t confident drawing her compound bow and shooting at a deer. Her son suggested that they borrow a crossbow from someone so she could hunt the mature bucks cruising by their stand. Lending A Hand Stacy and I have taught together at Fort…

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